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Welcome to the official website of the municipal enterprise of Kharkiv "Center of treatment of animals"!

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About us

The Kharkiv City Council established the municipal animal welfare center.

It includes:

  • monitoring the observance of Pets by citizens and organizations in Kharkiv;
  • registration of pets;
  • creating a search system for lost animals;
  • catching stray dogs from Kharkiv and placing them in the city Animal Care Center;
  • finding shelters for shelter animals;
  • Involving volunteers to help animals;
  • euthanasia of unclaimed offspring of street animals (wild, aggressive and sick);
  • conducting outreach to the animal care and support population;
  • the reception of lost animals for return to their owners, as well as the reception in an animal shelter which for various reasons the owners cannot hold;
  • providing the animal with veterinary services at social prices (social vet);
  • designation of dog walking areas in Kharkiv, as well as equipment for fenced dog training grounds;
  • Combating the illegal trade in animals (with boxers).

Registration of pets

Homeless Animals Shelter

Shelter for stray animals (cats and dogs) in Kharkiv

Veterinary clinic

Dog training

КDog training courses in Kharkiv

Educational work

Educational work animal care center in Kharkiv

Catching service

Kharkiv dog and cat catcher Service


Preferential veterinary services

Privileged sterilization and castration of pets (dogs and cats) in Kharkiv For underprivileged citizens (pensioners, handicapped, many mothers) when presenting a supporting document, a discounted price for sterilization of cats and dogs.

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Hotel for pets in Kharkiv

Pet Care in Kharkiv The hotel for dogs and cats, as well as for small animals will accept pet for the period of absence of the owners. Qualified round-the-clock veterinary assistance as well as canine services.

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Funeral services for animals

Cremation and Pet Cemetery in Kharkiv Services include delivery, cremation of animals and dust burial in Colombia , a ritual hall - where you can say goodbye to your past and dear creature.

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61031 Kharkov

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Mon - Fri 8:00 to 17:30


 Veterinary clinic

every day 9:00 to 17:00