A shelter for homeless animals

Shelter for stray Pets June 13, 2012 opened the door for Kharkiv!

the complex includes:

  • modern veterinary clinic, with two departments: for animals that have owners and homeless animals;
  • quarantine area of the 55 group of sections on 280 places for the keeping of caged dogs;
  • enclosures demonstration area shelter of 73 group of sections 220 for socialized and healthy dogs that have passed the quarantine and selected for the search of new owners;
  • cats 300 seats;
  • area for dog walking and training platform for rehabilitation and the rehabilitation of abandoned aggressive animals.

Thus, the whole complex is designed for simultaneous maintenance of 500 dogs and 380 cats.

the tasks of the municipal Shelter for the stray Pets:

  • the caged animals reception and temporary accommodation at the quarantine site;
  • find homes for stray and lost animals;
  • the contents of the lost animals before returning them to the owners;
  • the reception of abandoned and confiscated by the court animals

The shelter is equipped with modern veterinary equipment and has a staff of experienced veterinarians.

In our Shelter anyone can care for animals, giving them the most important thing — human interaction and care. We invite all people willing to help! 

Every Sunday KP "Center of treatment of animals" traditionally held "open Day" in the Shelter of maintenance of homeless animals. 

From 10.00 to 12.00 - exercise and socialization of dogs.

12.00-14.00 - visit to the "Men of the House."

the Program: talk, quiet, animals learn to re-trust people will socialize them, make beautiful photos and videos of cats and dogs for advertising on the Internet is helping them find their owners!

Dog shelter waiting for dog walking and socializing with people, but cats sit on the handles, which they are Pat. Guests and volunteers have the opportunity to give a bit of warmth, attention and care to those who need it!

everybody is welcome to visit!


  • Monday - Friday, 09-00 to 17-30;
  • Saturday – Sunday from 9-00 to 17-00.

Wanting to take a pet from a shelter we ask you to arrive before 17.00, to be able to execute documents in the workplace.

We are waiting for You at: R-n airport, PR-t Gagarina, 358. You can get there by bus No. 1198, which goes on vasyshcheve from the metro station "Gagarin Avenue". As well as buses from the bus station "Horse market", which go via a stop in Odessa on vasyshcheve, faith, serpents and the Lizogubovka. Ask the driver to stop "Shelter", it is following the "Hub" located outside the airport.


the administrators of the Centre - CDMA  754-97-12, 79 04 067 920

For pristroystvo cats - administrator "Men at home" - 050 135 60 02


61031 Kharkov

pr-t Gagarina, 358



Mon - Fri 8:00 to 17:30


 Veterinary clinic

every day 9:00 to 17:00