MU "Center for the treatment of animals"

MU "Center for the treatment of animals"


Dear friend!

Welcome to the site of MU "Center for the treatment of animals"

In a truly European city, animals should not be homeless, endangering their lives daily. Our main goal is to help a homeless animal become household and loved!


MU "Center for the treatment of animals" is a complex consisting of an Animal Shelter and a Social Vetcenter


Since the Shelter has been operating (since 2012), more than 7,000 homeless animals have become pets, and we are not going to stop. About 600 cats and dogs are waiting for a meeting with their beloved owner every day in the Kharkiv city shelter. After vaccination, veterinary processing and sterilization, all captured stray animals are transferred to a shelter where they are kept until we found  new owner for each pet.

Not only homeless animals live in the shelter, there are also domestic animals that come to us after the death of the owner. All cats and dogs receive the necessary veterinary help and care. 20 veterinarians, 7 administrators and 12 animal care workers work tirelessly for this.

 Sometimes the four-legged poor fellow come to us with serious injuries and neglected diseases, in these cases, veterinarians have to spend many hours of surgery or long-term therapy to save a creatures life.

The main task of the shelter workers is to attach animals to families, which many volunteers actively help us with. To provide potential owners with the opportunity to spend time with pets, and pets - the opportunity to communicate with a human, Open House is held every Sunday at the shelter.

We invite you to visit the shelter any Sunday and give a little warmth and communication to homeless cats and dogs!

 The round-the-clock Social Vetcenter, operating at the lowest prices in the city, provides pet owners with the following services:

- Veterinary clinic with highly qualified doctors of veterinary medicine and equipped with the most modern equipment provides a full range of veterinary care:

  • Diagnostics by the most modern methods;
  • Therapy of any disease;
  • Surgery of any complexity;
  • Hospital for your pet;
  • Treatment of exotic animals;
  • Blood donation for animals;
  • Pathological studies (determining the cause of death of an animal) with the issuance of an official opinion;

- Hotel for animals in which your pet will feel like at home;

- Grooming salon - a real cosmetology for animals;

- Training and correction of dog behavior - both with us (possibly with hotel accommodation), and in your territory, individually or in a group;

- A full range of funeral services for animals.


All earned money goes to the maintenance of animal shelter. In other words, the Social Veterinary Center provides Shelter's pets with the necessary feed and medicines.

We invite all residents of Kharkov and the region to use the services of the Social Vetcenter!

You must know, if you leave your pet for a week at our hotel, you provide 120 dogs and cats with food for one day. And each operation to sterilize a pet allows us to buy 3 kg of food for shelter pets.


We do our best to give as many animals as possible pets to families

and we truly believe that the animals of the shelter are homeless only temporarily!




61031 Kharkov

pr-t Gagarina, 358



Mon - Fri 8:00 to 17:30


 Veterinary clinic

every day 9:00 to 17:00