Admission of animals to the shelter and transfer from the shelter

Admission of animals to shelter and transfer from shelter

Reception of animals in a shelter and transfer from a shelter

Kharkiv city orphanage is a care center primarily for HOMELESS ANIMALS. Therefore, we accept Pets only IN EXCEPTIONAL CASES and for a fee.

Reception Conditions for cats and dogs

  • stray and lost animals taken across the Service to monitor the number of homeless animals for free. Applications are accepted by phone 754-97-11.
  • abandoned Pets taken in exceptional cases on a fee basis:
  1. the Death of owner
  2. Disease (for health reasons the owner is unable to care for an animal)
  3. State of emergency (house fire)

All cases are tested individually by our inspector. During the transfer the owner or a relative of the owner signs a statement waiving his right of ownership of the animal. In all other cases, the responsibility for the fate of a living being lies in its owner, whether it's the unwanted offspring of an animal, moving to another city or allergic to animal hair. In all these cases, the owner is looking for a new home for your pet yourself.

we are very often approached by people who want to donate to our Center for stray animal cats and dogs for the following reasons:  

  • found on the street a stray or lost animal;
  • found thrown to their animal shelter or saw an animal thrown from the car;
  • can't contain your animal (no money, no desire, had an Allergy to wool, etc.);
  • moving to another city or another country.

But our help Center first of all stray ANIMALS.

because of the frequent cases of fraud of our employees.

  1. people who brought the puppies or kittens were assured that the kids were thrown to the house or found on the street, and then it turned out that it was the unwanted offspring of their domestic animals;
  2. people claimed I found on the street someone's lost pet, but after it became clear that giving up their pet the animal or the annoying neighbor and many other cases of fraud
  3. but also because of the limited number of places at our Centre, because of stray animals that get sent.

We 2017 year changed the rules of admission allowed from individuals. we accept Pets IN EXCEPTIONAL CASES (death or serious illness of the owner, who has no relatives or house fire).

In European countries, municipal shelters don't accept from individuals animals under any circumstances, and accept the services of his capture and from the police. And individuals are advised to contact the charity public animal shelters. We also advise private individuals — those who want us to take the animal to turn to public tomasini organizations for help, if alone to attach the animal fails. 

The terms On which the city Center for stray Pets gives animals

the Animals are given to the new or old owner after signing the act of transfer and acceptance and after the registration of the animal in a Single city database.

If the owner wants to get caught on the street that he owns a lost animal, according to article 24 of the law of Ukraine "On protection animals from brutal treatment" he is obliged to compensate the company for the shipping cost back to the shelter, as well as for the content. 

At discharge the animal at the expense of the owner of a vaccination against rabies if such is not done in the course of the year. 

the New owners, in addition to registration must pay for vaccination and the animal vetebrate. 

Compulsory sterilization and castration are: 

  • purebred dog of either sex; 
  • breed female dog; 
  • all cats. 

What are the procedures carry out an animal before you leave the quarantine area of the shelter

  1. Admitted to the quarantine of animals observed 5 days. After doing the treatment for fleas and worms.
  2. within 10 days, re-treated from worms.
  3. 5-7 days is the first vaccine complex the vaccine.
  4. after 14 days inoculation is repeated, and then 10 days the animal is under medical supervision.
  5. After all the quarantine animal is transferred to the area of the shelter. Cat additionally vacciniosa from fungal diseases.

Few tips how to find cat or dog a new owner

  1. Step  first:  not  to despair and not to lose hope. Despite the fact that a lot more homeless animals than potential homes for them, always there are people who are currently looking for a home a cat or dog
  2. Step two: to attach most effective animals out of the house, and not from the basement or boxes in the street. Potential owners are unlikely to want to take an animal home filthy, emaciated, infested with parasites and viral infections. This is especially true of kittens and puppies. Since an early age, the animal's immune system is still very weak, few people are eager to start communicating with the animal with its treatment and in case of failure, and the death of the animal in their eyes, especially if the family has small children. So if You have extended a helping hand to a homeless animal before looking for hosts, try to take him to his home, to tidy, to wash, to feed, to process from fleas and worms. If the animal is young (under one year), it must twice be vaccinated against infections and viruses. 
  3. Step three: take advantage of all information resources, from survey friends and relatives (even distant) to various Internet platforms and social networks. It is clear that proposals and announcements pristroystvo very much, so please try to have your stood out from the crowd. Here you'll appreciate the healthy appearance of the animal, shiny coat and clear eyes. Try to make a good quality picture of the animal in the home environment, in the game or funny situations. The people reading the Declaration must finally be tempted to take a cat or dog to hand, to stroke, to caress. Advertisement it is also advisable to be positive, with humor. In our region work well such Internet resources as ОLХ, Kharkov Forum, profile groups Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki and Facebook. You can also print listings with photos and put them up at the entrances of the stores (especially pet products) and vet clinics. There is a definite need for animals in rural areas, so give information to those who have relatives there and friends. If you still find the "good hands" can't, in extreme and exceptional cases you can contact the charity public animal shelters. But we should remember that in places of a mass congestion of animals street animal subjected to enormous likelihood of transmission of viral disease, followed by death, so to go there should be the last.


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