Transfer from the animal welfare center to the families during the search for the owners

Domashnaya overexposure dogs

To increase the number of attached animals of KP "Center of treatment of animals" refers to all not indifferent people, ready to help in searching for the owners of animals, asking them to take animals that have passed quarantine, in the family for socialization and to find the owner.

given clinically healthy Animals that have passed quarantine, after antiparasitic treatment, vaccinated against rabies.

the Animals are transferred under the contract of the temporary contents. All property rights for an animal belong to KP CO. All the animals can see DATABASE ANIMALS ON PRISTROYSTVO.

For people willing to help pristroystvo offered by steps instructions on how to take the animal to overexposure

  • Contact us by phone: 775-30-80 with the administrator of the orphanage responsible for pristroystvo animals.
  • In a mutually agreed time (Mon-Thu - from 9-00 to 18-00; Fri - from 9-00 to 16-45; Sat-Thu - from 9-00 to 17-00) come on PR-t Gagarina, 358
  • If you have to have a passport carrier for cat or small dog; leash and collar for dogs.
  • Transporting dogs on the machine, because sometimes they're not trained to walk on a leash in public transport will start to get nervous, and they may vomit.
  • If it is not possible to arrive by car, make documents, and the dog we will deliver free of charge themselves.
  • Small dogs or cats can be transported in carriers. Leaving a Deposit. you can take the carrier with us (after you return carrying the Deposit will be returned).

The contract stipulates the responsibilities of the person who transferred the animal to the content: Since the signing of the present act C-n(ka)______________ agrees

  • keep a pet subject to the requirements of the law of Ukraine "On protection animals from brutal treatment", the Rules for keeping Pets in the city of Kharkov, with which he is familiar, without the right to transfer to third parties;
  • to provide the employee access Center to verify the conditions of detention of an animal;
  • to inform the Centre about all the facts of the disease of the animal, other force majeure circumstances;
  • upon request to return the pet to the staff of the Centre;
  • to inform the Center staff of all the potential candidates for ownership of animals, for further processing by the staff of the Centre registration form at the animal and the act of reception-transfer of the animal to the new owner;
  • in case of loss of the animal shall bear full responsibility in front of the Center in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine.

welcome to all who are willing to help in the socialization of animals and caring for them! The most basic assistance that is required from voluntary helpers, volunteers and all concerned people - public relations and advertising animals for finding their owners.

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