Funeral services for animals in Kharkov

ритуальные услуги, кремация, кладбище для животных в Харькове

Funeral services for animals in Kharkov

Legal and official cemeteries for animals in Ukraine, and therefore more correct from the point of view of sanitation to cremate the animal. There are two types of animal cremation: communal cremation – crematorium burned several of the bodies of animals, individual cremation – the burning of only one body of a pet.

Delivery of the animal to the Center - 330 UAH.

If your pet died at home or in a veterinary clinic, we will help You deliver it to us for cremation or burial.

The ritual hall - free

In the Centre of integrated services for animals have Ritual hall – a place where You can say goodbye to your past and You dear creature.

The cremation of Pets - from 270,00 UAH. to 1650.00 UAH.

the Price of cremation varies in cost depending on the type of cremation during an individual cremation, only one pet is in the crematorium, with a total cremation - several Pets. Also, the cost of cremation is affected by the weight of the animal. After the procedure individual cremation, the owners can pick up the ashes of your animal read more

Urns - 113 UAH. to 260 UAH.

the Owner can take the ashes in a special box. The cost of urns animal depends on its size and species, read more

The burial of the ashes in a columbarium animals from 57,00 UAH. to 3420,00 UAH.

the area of the columbarium is protected, the employees take care of the graves, planted flowers and cleaned the track. The cost depends on prodoljitelnost storage, read more

Virtual memorial - free

the posting of information about a deceased pet on our website, go

pet friendly for cremation works 08.00-16.00, seven days a week.

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