Registration of pets in Kharkov

Register animals According The rules of keeping animals in Kharkov:

Art. 4.1. Persons who contain dogs, cats and other animals must:

  • register dogs, cats and other animals from two years old months and older. When registering animals, their owners are issued registration certificates and rules for their maintenance, and for dogs, in addition to this, and license plates. The license plate is attached to the dog’s collar;
  • regardless of the registration of thoroughbred animals in cynological and felinological clubs that have international status, register animals in a common electronic database of dogs, cats and other unproductive animals in Kharkov;

Registration - registration of animals that carries out the communal enterprise "Center for the treatment of animals", with the aim of monitoring the number of animals in the city and compliance with Pra pitch for keeping domestic dogs and cats in Kharkov.

Registration is carried out once and is considered valid throughout the life of the animal.

Registration costs:

  • per cat - 50,00 UAH
  • the dog 80,00 UAH
  • for the registration at home, you will need to pay extra for the specialist, the cost of the service is 70,00 UAH.

payment Details:

  • KP "Center powodzenia s tarinai"
  • Code EDRPOU 03354431
  • p/pax No. 26009060290966
  • MFO 351533
  • wheel drive HGRU "PrivatBank", M. Harkiv

payment: check your Pets.

If You have multiple animals then the registration can be made on one receipt.

Download the receipt for payment of the registration package at the end of the page, there You can download a receipt-sample.

you should have:

  • the passport of the citizen of Ukraine (the host animal);
  • veterinary animal passport (if any);
  • the pedigree or metric puppy/kitten (if any);
  • photos of the animal (optional, but it gives an advantage in case of loss);

the animal Was recorded in a Single electronic database.

United electronic database of unproductive animals Kharkov United electronic database of unproductive animals Kharkov

Owner is issued a certificate of registration, Rules for keeping animals in Kharkov and a token for dogs. In case of loss of a registered animal can be quickly returned to the owner.

Certificate of registration of the animal Certificate of registration of the animal Rules of keeping Pets in Kharkiv Badge for dogs Badge for dogs

Mandatory re-registration of animals is carried out in the event of a change of residence or registration of owner or change of owner. In cases of loss of the registration certificate, license plate individual animal sign, animal re-registration is carried out at the request of the owner.

Animals whose owners have not carried out the re-registration, be deemed to be registered properly.

the Refusal of registration subject to article 154 of the code of Ukraine on administrative offences with a penalty of 51 UAH.

According to the CMU resolution "On approval of Procedure and rules of carrying out compulsory liability insurance of owners of dogs for harm which can be caused to third parties", dog owners, breeds of which are listed in Annex 1 of this resolution, before or at the time of registration re-registration shall in the prescribed manner to conclude a contract of compulsory insurance liability of owners of dogs for harm which can be caused to third parties. the In the absence of the insurance contract, the registration, re-registration of dog is not possible. an Insurance policy for a period three years issued on the spot. The sum insured is UAH 17 per year.

To register your pet, You should go to the CP "Center of treatment of animals" at the address: Kharkiv, PR-t Gagarina, 358. tel: (057) 754-97-12, (067) 920 79 04.

the Annex to decision 14 of the session of Kharkiv city Council of the 5th convocation On approval of the Rules for keeping Pets in the city of Kharkov from 04.07.2007 R. No. 164/07


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