Vaccination of animals

Вакцинация животных в ветклинике, ветеринарной клинике Харькова

Vaccination of animals

Vaccination prevents infectious diseases of domestic animals by forming an artificial immune system. In the body of the animal entered the safe of a weakened or killed pathogen, which the immune system produces antibodies to neutralize the pathogen. Vaccinations prevent disease or provide a more mild infection. Depending on the number of diseases that this vaccine can protect, we distinguish univalent, bivalent, polyvalent (integrated). With a comprehensive vaccination animal can be protected from several diseases. For safety killed vaccines have the advantage over the living, but the degree of their efficiency is much lower.

Vaccination of the animal against dermatitis

  • Biocan-M (for dogs) 100,00 UAH.

rabies Vaccination

  • Biocan-R - 100,00 UAH.
  • Nobivac-R - 200.00 UAH.

animal Vaccination polyvalent vaccine

  • Biocan DHPPi+L (for dogs) - 250,00 UAH.
  • Nobivac DHPPi+L (for dogs) - 340.00 UAH.
  • Vanguard plus 5/L (for dogs) - 420,00 UAH.
  • Biofuel RSN (for cats) - 250,00 UAH.

animal Vaccination polyvalent vaccine together with rabies

  • Biocan DHPPi+LR (for dogs) - 300,00 UAH.
  • Biofuel PCHR (for cats) - 300,00 UAH.
  • Nobivac LR+DHPPi (for dogs) - 400,00 UAH.

Vaccination of animals against viral infections

  • Vanguard + 5/L CV (for dogs) 420,00 UAH.
  • Nobivac - 350,00 UAH.

Vaccination of animals against dermatophytosis

  • Biofuel-M+ (cat) - 100,00 UAH.


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