Identification - tapping and tattooing animals

чипирование и татутировка животных в ветклинике Харьков

Identification - tapping and tattooing animals

animal Identification system animal record that includes the identification number of the animal by tagging, recording information about the animal in the database and issuing a passport on an animal. Tagging of animals method of tattoo is the assignment and application on the body of the animal individual numbers. Chipping is a great alternative to tattooing, as it is less painful. In addition, over time you may need to re-tattooing.

Chipping Pets

Chipping animals is a method of identification of animals by introducing under the skin a special chip with a unique number. Chipping animals is necessary for the owner of the stud dogs and cats. A microchip will help to find a lost pet. For the export of animals abroad chipping is mandatory. Municipal enterprise "Center of treatment of animals" performs the chipping of animals to be entered in Unified National database, which is part of an International database of all animals

  • the cost of the chip (112,00 UAH.) = 250,00 UAH.

tattooing the animal

Tattoos are placed on different parts of the body, depending on the condition of the hair of animals and the preferences of the owner. 

  • tattooing the animal - 100 UAH.


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