Fenced playgrounds for dog walking and training

On a fenced, equipped with sports equipment Playground dog can meet their needs for physical activity that is necessary for his full development.Before you get a dog, think carefully if You can pay enough attention to her education. Because raising a dog is hard work. To raise a good dog, you have to put a lot of effort.Trained and well-mannered dog - the comfort for the wearer and the safety of others.In Kharkov fenced areas for dogs are located at the following addresses:

  1. PR-t Ludwig Svoboda, 46 (large with shells for training) - the Dzerzhinsky R-n; 
  2. vul. Novgorod, d. 8 (across the road) - the Dzerzhinsky R-n;
  3. Lane 23 Aug., 10 (along stadium) - the Dzerzhinsky district;
  4. vul. Timurovtsev, D. 82 -- Moscow district;
  5. vul. Heroes of labor, 17-B  - Moscow R-n;
  6. vul. Heroes of labor, d. 29 - Moscow R-n; 
  7. vul. Akademika Pavlova, 130  Kiev R-n;
  8. PR-t Traktorostroiteley, d. 63 (large shell for training) (opposite the cinema "Russia"), Moscow R-n; 
  9. vul. Grozny, 38 (large with shells for training) (for "Class" in Odessa) - chervonozavodsky R-n;
  10. vul. Akademika Pavlova, D. 319 (a large with shells for training) (near the metro Heroes of labor) - Kiev R-n; 
  11. vul. Sapper, 20 (most of ammunition for training)  Kiev R-n; 
  12. vul. Metrostroiteley., 1 (most of ammunition for training)  Kiev R-n;
  13. st. Plekhanivska, 42 (large with shells for training) - Kominternovsky R-n;  
  14. vul. Plekhanov, 9 (in the Park) (most of ammunition for training) - chervonozavodsky district n

15. The intersection of Zubarev and Gritsevets (large with shells for training) - Ordzhonikidzevskiy R-n16. Ul. Harkovskih diviziy D. 8/1. Frunzenskiy district.  17. Ul. Astronomical, 35A, Kyiv region;18. between the dwelling house No. 103-R at PR. Traktorostroiteley, kindergarten and mechanization;19.  in a vacant lot near the house on the street Guards. Boulevard 48V;20.  near the house on the street of Friendship of Peoples 232-B;21. in a vacant lot near the house on the street Biblica, 2-In;22. in a vacant lot between house No. 39-A at the St. Science  and  the stadium SHK. No. 117;23. in a vacant lot near Lyceum " 89 on the street Derevyanko, 14-A;  24. prospect Landau, 20;25. street Cherednichenko, 7;  


61031 Kharkov

pr-t Gagarina, 358



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